Revive Helps Sue!

Revive Helps Sue!

October 5, 2017 Activities News 0

Revive made a financial contribution!

Revive assisted in a Cancer Fundraising Dinner that took place Monday, October 2, 2017 at Amarilla by the Coast.

The dinner was meant to raise money to support cancer survivor-to-be, Sue Milad, who is in urgent need of money in order to be able to start her treatment in the US after being unable to find any sort of cure for her rare condition in Lebanon!

Despite being recently launched, Revive donated a humble amount to Sue, hoping that this very small aid opens the door to plenty of big contributions to many other patients who are unable to fund their treatments. Because leaving a cancer patient without treatment due to lack of money is a crime, something we would never allow to happen!

You’re not alone, we’re here, Revive exists and is ready to help!!

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