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Revive Association aims to be the go-to community for cancer survivors-to-be. Here, they will find awareness, support, and above all friendship.

Psychological Awareness

Cancer IS a curable disease, and can be fully treated! If you kill the fear, if you believe that you can beat cancer, you will!

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Scientific Awareness

Scientific awareness plays a crucial part in our mission. A cancer survivor-to-be is a human being who will cure from cancer and live a normal and happy life ever after; that’s how we see it, and that’s how we want it to be!

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Moral Support

It has been proven that one third of the therapy is provided by our psychological wellness. Plus, we do believe that our moral strength and our stable state of mind play a huge part in the healing process!

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Financial Support

Financial support falls right in the core of our mission! We will organize plenty of fundraising events and raise as much money as we could, in order to help the ones in need!

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How it started

In November 2016, a team of five cancer survivors and a thalassemia survivor who had gone through a bone marrow transplant (BMT) and believed in the strength of faith, patience and support decided to create Revive Association.

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Our Team of Survivors

One cancer survivor, especially one who has come face to face with death multiple times, can have valuable insight about life…imagine what a whole team of survivor can do!

Charif Kaiss


Kindness and humanity stand in the core of my values. Teaching, guiding and leading are the aim.

Diana Abou Hamia


Believe in yourself and build your own bridge above the river of challenges.

Bassam Ismail


Be strong but humble, ambitious but compassionate! And never miss the chance to help others, for only then will we realize what life is all about.

Lucie Sassine


Destroying “Cancer”: one of the latest taboos, overcoming fear, spreading hope, offering compassion and building my humanity .

Marwan Mahmoud


I truly believe that helping others really does make the world go round. If we all can do one good deed per day, the world would be a much nicer place to live in.




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